''I investigated Cranio-Sacral Therapy to help with a recurring back & neck problem (caused by a cycling accident).
After a few sessions with Alison I began to feel great relief, much better mobility, and less of the aching & tension caused by the accident.
The results I have had from visiting Alison have been quite profound, and as well as helping my body to recover, I have also found the sessions deeply relaxing, and so have a regular appointment as a way to make space for my inner world in an otherwise hectic schedule.
This seems to have led to a deeper connection between my body and being able to clear my mind. In the long term I think I feel much happier and more balanced because of it.
I have no hesitation in recommending Alison, whose approach is kind and reserved but very open''
Jenny savage, Artist.

''Alison's treatments are amazingly effective and have allowed me to let go of tensions contributing to structural imbalances that have accumulated over many years.
With Alison's help I have finally managed to resolve some quite severe spine issues that I have been unable to fully resolve through other therapeutic techniques.
I thoroughly recommend Alison as a craniosacral practitioner."
Bel Spencer, Alexander Technique teacher.

While living in Wales, I worked with Alison Capper with cranio-sacral therapy for six years.  I had used cranio-sacral therapy in America for a number of years and was delighted to find Alison and she was truly expert in the field,  Alison's work is very subtle, yet enormously powerful.  She made changes in my energy that I truly believe no other therapy could have done.  She is very empathetic and was able to advise and help me beyond the actual therapy itself.  I would heartily recommend her to anyone."

‘I found the sessions with Alison to be extremely relaxing and ultimately transformative. They helped me through a particularly stressful time and propelled me through. I would thoroughly recommend.’
Carina Edwards

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