Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy developed from the work of an American osteopath, Dr William Sutherland in the early 1900s. He discovered intrinsic movements of the bones in the head, and through further research revealed different rhythms in the body.
The motion of cranial bones is closely connected to an integrated network of tissues and fluids at the core of the body, that includes the cerebrospinal fluid, the brain and spinal cord, the membranes surrounding the central nervous system and the sacrum.
These movements are inextricably linked with mental and emotional health, and restriction of these movements corresponds to a reduction of the body's natural capacity to self-heal.

Restrictions within the craniosacral system can be the result of trauma, both physical or emotional; past or present - and indeed often established years before physical problems may actually arise.

The Craniosacral therapist is able to detect these restrictions and help release, and realign the system, bringing relief by allowing the body  its natural capacity to self heal.


Cranio-sacral therapy can help identify and work with survival patterns in the body created through traumatic experiences including both physical and emotional/ psychological trauma. In response to illness, operations, accidents, bereavement, bullying, abuse we build up patterns of 'protection' to survive, to get through and these are a good thing. However what can often happen is that we continue to live within these survival patterns even though the traumatic events have passed and this can cause us issues in later life. Our bodies can become compromised leading to mobility issues, emotionally we might feel unable to let go and move forward in life.

This therapy can help with many conditions including headaches and migraines, TMJ syndrome, chronic stress and anxiety,  poor digestion including IBS and gastritis, PMT, post viral fatigue, muscular and skeletal pain, emotional issues including shock and grief.
Its a very gentle, safe yet powerful treatment that encourages the release of the layers of tension held in our bodies that might be preventing us from feeling connected to our inner vitality and strengths. A common feeling after a treatment is "to feel more like oneself again".
Where appropriate I may offer some TMW in the session which can then be practised at home.

A regular session, eg monthly is great to just release any build up of tension that is occurring in the body mind/ and allow us to come into a place of stillness for a break from our often hectic and demanding lives.

During a session you lie fully clothed on a treatment couch whilst light contacts are made at various points on the body including along the spine, shoulders neck and head. Often this is felt as a profound sense of relaxation and warmth as the body unwinds. Due to the intrinsic link between body /mind and emotions the release often permeates through all these layers.
This therapy works with the history of our bodies helping to release old and often unnecessary patterns of holding in the tissues. This can lead to a relief of symptoms and an increase in vitality.

During the initial consultation there is time to discuss health issues and treatment.
A course of treatments is often recommended, especially when the symptoms have been going on for a while. However this varies for each individual.

Tai Chi Movements for Well-Being

I am also a qualified TMW trainer .
I offer 1:1 classes teaching the 16 movement sequence over 5 hourly sessions.
This is a wonderful self healing form of exercise that can help us release tension, relax and increase our energy levels. The sequence was developed by Tai Chi Master Richard Farmer in 2009 on request from Herefordshire NHS for patients with chronic pain. There are three core principles underlying the training which are;
Embodied presence - which simply means to be present in our body
Release and Flow - to soften into the movements allowing the release of tension and expanding our range of movement.
Connection to Poise - which means to connect to our core, our spine in whatever state is in.
All of us carry our life experiences in our bodies. Often we are unaware of this and neglect our bodies , always pushing forward and putting ourselves under more and more pressure.
Through regular practise of the sequence we can really start to feel the benefits physically, mentally and emotionally .
Both Craniosacral therapy and Tai Chi Movements for Well-Being encourage us to come into the present allowing us to reconnect with ourselves and experience moments of stillness and peace. This has a powerful effect on our sense of self and our ability in dealing with our often, challenging lives .



''I investigated Cranio-Sacral Therapy to help with a recurring back & neck problem (caused by a cycling accident).
After a few sessions with Alison I began to feel great relief, much better mobility, and less of the aching & tension caused by the accident.
The results I have had from visiting Alison have been quite profound, and as well as helping my body to recover, I have also found the sessions deeply relaxing, and so have a regular appointment as a way to make space for my inner world in an otherwise hectic schedule.
This seems to have led to a deeper connection between my body and being able to clear my mind. In the long term I think I feel much happier and more balanced because of it.
I have no hesitation in recommending Alison, whose approach is kind and reserved but very open''
Jenny savage, Artist.

''Alison's treatments are amazingly effective and have allowed me to let go of tensions contributing to structural imbalances that have accumulated over many years.
With Alison's help I have finally managed to resolve some quite severe spine issues that I have been unable to fully resolve through other therapeutic techniques.
I thoroughly recommend Alison as a craniosacral practitioner."
Bel Spencer, Alexander Technique teacher.

While living in Wales, I worked with Alison Capper with cranio-sacral therapy for six years.  I had used cranio-sacral therapy in America for a number of years and was delighted to find Alison and she was truly expert in the field,  Alison's work is very subtle, yet enormously powerful.  She made changes in my energy that I truly believe no other therapy could have done.  She is very empathetic and was able to advise and help me beyond the actual therapy itself.  I would heartily recommend her to anyone."

‘I found the sessions with Alison to be extremely relaxing and ultimately transformative. They helped me through a particularly stressful time and propelled me through. I would thoroughly recommend.’
Carina Edwards

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